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Calligraphy is an Art of writing Alphabets, Numbers, Words, Sentences in many styles using Calligraphy Pens in a Beautiful and an Impressive way. Calligraphy is used to make beautiful lettering art in School Projects, Greeting Cards, Names on Certificates, Invitation Cards, Birthday

Summer 2019 – Calligraphy Courses:

English Calligraphy Course – One Month Course – 20 Sessions – One hour per class – For School Students above 10 years, College Students, Competitive Exam Students – Daily Classes, Weekend Classes, Fast Track Classes Available – Morning or Evening Batches – Anybody in India can Join.

Fees. Rs. 3990/-

Course Benefits

Learn Beautiful styles / fonts of writing – Impress others with your new Calligraphy Skill – Students can use their skills in their Books, Project Works, Posters and Greeting Cards – Improvement in your Creativity and Imaginative Skills – Stand Unique among your friends.

Course Timings:

I) Daily or Regular Classes: (Monday to Fridays – Weekly 5 Days)

Morning: (4 Batches) 10 to 11 am, 11 to 12 pm, 12 to 1 pm or 1.00 to 2.00 pm.

Evening: (3 Batches) 5 to 6 pm, 6 to 7 pm & 7 to 8 pm.

II) Weekend Batches (Saturday & Sunday) or Exclusive Sunday Batches:

Saturday:  Morning ( 2 Batches) – 2 Hours – 10 to 12 pm & 12 pm to 2 pm.
Sunday:      Morning ( 2 Batches) – 2 Hours – 10 to 12 pm & 12 pm to 2 pm.

Why to Join our Institute only?

1) More than 12 years of Experience. 2) Experts in the Field. 3) Thousands of People have improved since 2006. 4) Individualized Attention. 5) Customized Solution. 6) Transparent Assessments. 7) Honest Assurance about Percentage of Improvements.  8) Course Fees are Affordable.  9) We offer Morning Batches & Evening Batches. 10) We offer Daily Batches & Weekend Batches. 11) Fast Track Course is Available.  12) Morning & Evening Batches are available on Sundays as well.  13) Follow-up Sessions are given after the completion of the Courses. 14) Life time consultations.

Calligraphy and Calligraphy Course Literature:


http://www.handwritingaone.com Calligraphy is an Art of writing Alphabets, Numbers, Words, Sentences and any other handwritten designs in a Beautiful and an Impressive way. In Ancient days before the invent of Printing Technology people used to communicate through Sign Language or through Oral. Once, the Spoken Languages were well developed along with Written Scripts such as Greek, Italic, Latin, Roman etc.,, human beings started communicating through the medium of Writing.

In those Ancient years, unlike today’s usage of Pens consisting of different varieties of Inks based upon chemical components, in those days, the Inks were based upon pigments extracted from flowers, leaves, stems etc., They used Sharp tools as an instrument of writing and Leaves and other materials as Papers. Thereafter, as a substitute they used feather of the birds viz., quills to write by dipping it with color liquids extracted from flowers, leaves and tree stems. By using these methodologies they were even publishing Books by completely writing them by Hand. The writing used by quills generally make thin and thick strokes and they look really beautiful for the eyes.

On the same methodology, now we have the availability of different varieties of Calligraphy Pens, Calligraphy Dip Pens, Calligraphy Kits, Calligraphy Inks, Calligraphy Papers, Calligraphy Brushes, Calligraphy Markers, Calligraphy fonts by which we can make Beautiful, Artistic, Designer Letterings. The learning methods of Calligraphy and Handwriting differs in this aspect.

Calligraphy & Handwriting Improvement…

calligraphyCalligraphy is an art of Beautiful Writing made with the Hand using flat Calligraphy Pens with different colour inks and whereas Handwriting is one where we generally write to communicate by using different pens such as ball pen, ink pen, gel pen, permanent markers. Calligraphy is made by using different nibs which are generally flat and slanted and Handwriting pens are those whose nibs are generally sharp and pointed.

By learning Calligraphy can we improve our normal Handwriting?

Calligraphy has many Styles of writing which has to be learnt and made with lots of Patience, Practice and Perseverance to get the beautiful output. Whereas improvement of Handwriting involves the normal writing styles using pointed pens. Calligraphy Course is for those who want to write Calligraphy Styles as Headings, School Project Reports, Names on Certificates, Greeting Cards, Festival Cards, Birthday Cards, Invitation Cards. Handwriting Improvement course is for those who want to improve their Legibility, Size, Shapes, Slants, Spacing, Alignments in School Note Books, College Note Books, Application Forms, Cheque leaves, Exam Answer Sheets, Writing on Black Boards, White Boards and in general wherever they get a chance to write. The speed of writing along with legibility is very important in Tests, Exams for School, College and other students. Handwriting and Speed Writing course will help them in that. Hence, by learning Calligraphy one cannot improve their normal writing style.

Further, students writing Competitive Exams such as IAS, KAS and Entrance Exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, RRB, SSC, SAT, GATE, GRE, GMAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, MBA CET, ICET, TANCET, MHCET, AIEEE, IIT JEE, VITEEE, BITSAT, NIMCET, MHTCET, EAMCET, PTU CET, COMEDK require faster thinking, excellent Comprehension and a Legible and Neat Handwriting for Theory Papers. Learning Calligraphy will not make Handwriting neat and legible but definitely motivates a person to possess flair for Good and Neat Handwriting. After improving Scientific Techniques of Handwriting, if a person uses both Good Handwriting and Calligraphy, his writing will be an asset for him and he can impress others with his Handwriting.

Calligraphy Courses:

calligraphy31) Calligraphy – Basic.
2) Calligraphy – Intermediate.
3) Calligraphy – Advanced.

Course Syllabus:

1) Calligraphy – Basic:

a) Introduction to Calligraphy.
b) Basic Strokes of Practice.
c) Foundational Hand – Majuscules, Miniscules and Numbers.
d) Square Designed Letters – Majuscules.
e) Digital – Majuscules, Miniscules and Numbers.
f) Bubble Designed Letters – Majuscules.
g) Rose Designed Alphabets – Majuscules.
h) Old English Script Designs – Majuscules, Miniscules and Numbers.
i) Italic Script Designs – Majuscules, Miniscules and Numbers.

Course Benefits:

1) Learn different styles / fonts of writing.
2) Use different styles in your normal writing.
3) Impress others with your new Calligraphy Skill.
4) Students can use their skills in their Class Work Books, Project Works, Posters and Greeting Cards.
5) Proudly show your new talent among your friends and relatives.
6) Calligraphy writing is an asset to you to instantly show your smartness.
7) Your writing shows your Personality. Improvement in your Personality.
8) Score Good Marks because of Neat, Legible and Beautiful Calligraphy.
9) Improvement in your Creativity and Imaginative Skills.

Course Materials

We provide:

calligraphy1) Books for the Class Room.
2) Books for the Home Work Assignments.
3) Calligraphy Pen Kits.
3) Kit Bag (School Students).
4) Certificate. (Students)

Course Assignments:

The Beautiful Calligraphy Styles Techniques require practice. Practice at our absence as to assess how best they are following the techniques on their own, at home.

Hence, the students will be given Assignments at every class to do at home. They may have to spare at least half an hour daily. The Secret to Beautiful Calligraphy is Practice, Practice and Practice.

Course Timings:

We have Morning as well as Evening Batches. Daily Classes will be from Monday to Fridays (Weekly 5 Days). The Morning Batch Timings are 10 am to 2.00 pm. (4 Batches) and Evening Batch Timings are 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm (3 Batches).

The Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) Batch Timings available are in the Morning between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Weekend batches are of 2 Hours duration and there are 2 Batches.

Course Advantages:

1) Morning and Evening Batches are Available.
2) Weekend Batches are Available.
3) Fast Track Courses are Available.
4) Individualized Training.
5) Flexible Batch Timings.
6) During Tests and Exams of School Students or College Students, break can be taken.
7) Any absence in the middle of the course will not cut short the course and would be continued within a reasonable time.
8) Join Today and Learn New Skills to begin a Life of Progress and Growth, without Postponement.

Who can Join:

School Students studying V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII of State Board, CBSE Syllabus or ICSE Syllabus. SSLC, I & II P.U.C. of State Board.

College students studying any Graduation in the field of Science, Commerce, Arts, Law, Marketing, Engineering, Dental, Medical, Computer Science, both directly or though Correspondence Courses including BBM, BBA, BCA, B.COM, B.Sc., B.A., BE., LL.B., LL.M., MA., M.Sc., M.Com, MCA, MBA etc., can also improve their Hand-writing and other skills.

Adults who are Employed, running own Business, Corporate Executives, Self-Employed, Professionals and Homemakers can also join and learn the Calligraphy Skills.

When to Join:

Now is the time to JOIN since u have spent sufficient time to Search and finally found all the information relating to Handwriting and Speed Writing Course. It is said that people join any Course when they have complete information about: 1) Types of Courses. 2) Course Structure. 3) Course Duration. 4) Course Timings. 5) Course Benefits. 6) Course Fees. 7) Course Venue. 8) Course Dates. 9) Course Feedback. In our website all the details are available.
Most of the people are always haunted with this question: When to Join ? It is found that people waste time for months together or years together JUST TO DECIDE. And it hardly takes few weeks to few months to complete a Course Successfully and to reap benefits out of it immediately.
When are you taking a Decision to Join and When are you going to make a NEW BEGINNING? ACT NOW. +918904793133.
How to Join

1) Visit our Institute with a Prior Call.
2) Handwriting will be assessed by an Expert.
3) Choose the Course best suitable for you.
4) Choose Regular or Weekend or Sundays or Fast Track Course.
5) Fill the Application Form along with PP size Photo.
6) Remit the Course Fees and obtain a Receipt.
7) Join the Course and can start the class immediately or later.

“We offer Different types of Classes to School / College Students, Competitive Exam Students and for Adults.

Daily or Regular Classes (Monday to Fridays):

calligraphyThe Regular classes are for those who can attend the class for Five days a Week from Monday to Friday. The duration of each class is for One Hour. The Batch Timings can be selected based on the convenience and availability for any One hour either in the Morning between 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. or in the Evening between 5.00 pm. To 8.00 pm.

Weekend Classes: (Saturday & Sunday) :

Any Student or Person who is unable to attend any of our Courses / Classes in the Regular Batches can opt for Weekend Classes. The duration of the Class can be selected either for One Hour or Two Hours. The class timings available would be Saturday Morning and Sunday Morning between 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. Any one hour or two hour batch can be selected depending upon the Convenience and Availability. Basically, it will be helpful for any School Students / College Students or for Adults who have any of the following difficulties to attend the Regular Batches.

1) Lack of Time on Weekdays.
2) Busy Work Schedule.
3) Due to heavy Home Work assigned for Schools & College Students.
4) Lack of time due to attending Tuitions or Coaching Classes.
5) Long Distance from your Place to our Institute.
6) Travelling Time.
7) Nobody to pick up and drop the Child daily.

Sunday Classes:

This can be opted by Students or Adults who cannot attend any of our Courses on Daily/Regular basis or on both days of Weekend. They can attend their class exclusively on Sundays. The duration can be opted either for One Hour, Two Hours or Three Hours or Four Hours depending upon their convenience and interest. Breaks will be allowed between every hour of the class. The timings available are in the Morning between 10.00 am to 2.00 p.m.

Continuous Classes:

Some persons may want to join and continue the Classes at a stretch due to the availability of time during School Holidays, College Holidays or due to some other factors. For those Students and Adults, we provide our Courses continuously. They can join any of our courses and continue on Weekdays as well as on Weekends viz., Monday to Sunday. They have to keep in mind that our Institute will be working on the Weekdays in the morning between 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. and Evening between 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m and can join for any One Hour or Two Hours between the above timings. As far as Weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday is concerned, they can attend the classes in the Morning between 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

Fast Track Classes & Intensive Coaching Classes:

calligraphyOne can opt for Fast Track Class if they think and feel that they are unable to attend either Regular Classes, Weekend Classes and Sunday Classes, but has interest in Learning. Several people have improved their Handwriting, Memory, Concentration and Confidence. Attended Personality Development Course, Calligraphy Courses as well through this Methodologies. This will be helpful for those who think one of these.

1) I am staying in Bangalore but not close to Vijayanagar.
2) I am not even staying at Bangalore.
2) I visit Bangalore occasionally for some days.
3) I have Friends or Relatives in Bangalore and can stay for 3-5 Days.
4) I want to Learn but I am resident of other Districts of Karnataka.
5) I am staying in other parts of India.
6) Learning is not a Necessity but want to know, understand and benefit.
7) Course is a must for me but cannot spare time for Regular or Weekend Classes.
8) I travel a lot and cannot find time on regular basis, but want to learn the Techniques.
9) I like your Courses but I do not find any similar Institutes near my Locality.

We provide Two follow-up classes after the initial Three Days or Five Days Intensive Course Completion for Free and the same is Optional. The duration of the each follow-up class will be Two hours each.

Correspondence Classes / Distance Learning Classes:

This course is for those who is unable to join and attend any of our other classes mentioned above viz., Regular Classes, Weekend Classes, Fast Track / Intensive Classes. First of all those who want to join any of our Courses through Correspondence shall mail us or call us before Admission.

Online Video Learning:

calligraphyThis is for those persons who are unable to attend our Classes at our Institute and stay in far away places. They must be able to know the nuances of Video Chatting. E-mail us or Call us for complete details on Online Video Learning.

Unique advantage of joining our Courses:

Generally Handwriting Classes, Memory, Concentration and Self Confidence Classes or Personality Development Classes or Calligraphy classes are conducted during Standard Timings based on the Total number of students per batch.

If the number of students are less in a batch, generally Institutes do not start a New Batch and ask the students to wait for some time till they start Batches. As far as people who want to join is concerned, they would like to join a particular course whenever they have Interest, Time and Course Fee. In such cases, if the Institutes do not have any batch at that time, it would put the student’s / parent’s interest on the backyard and they get diverted and we have found that people lose interest in learning those courses over a period of time, unless it is of utmost necessity.

To fulfill the aspirations of the Student / Parent / Adult, at our Institute, we provide Classes to people 365 days in a year. That means, any person who has Interest and Time can join any of our Courses any time, any day and do not have to wait for a particular batch to start. Our classes are purely individualized and cater to the requirement of a particular Student or Adult on the areas of their Improvement.

When can I Join?

Now is the time to JOIN since u have spent sufficient time to Search and finally found all the information relating to Handwriting Course. It is said that people join any Course when they have complete information about: 1) Types of Courses. 2) Course Structure. 3) Course Duration. 4) Course Timings. 5) Course Benefits. 6) Course Fees. 7) Course Venue. 8) Course Dates. 9) Course Feedback. In our website all the details are available.
Most of the people are always haunted with this question: When to Join ? It is found that people waste time for months together or years together JUST TO DECIDE. And it hardly takes few weeks to few months to complete a Course Successfully and to reap benefits out of it immediately.
When are you taking a Decision to Join and When are you going to make a NEW BEGINNING? ACT NOW.

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The Seven Steps / Formula for SUCCESS in Calligraphy Classes…

Interest and Curiosity leads to search for Information. Information gives some Knowledge. Knowledge requires Action. Actions on the Knowledge gives Results. Results shows our Achievements. The Seven Steps / Formula for SUCCESS to Get / Achieve anything is as follows:
calligraphy1) Interest = Leads to find out Information.
2) Interest + No Information = No Knowledge and hence No Action.
3) Interest + Information = Knowledge. (Our Website provides Knowledge)
4) Interest + Information + Knowledge : Should lead to Actions. (Joining the Course)
5) Interest + Information + Knowledge + No Actions = No Results (Suffers from Laziness or Postponement Disease).
6) Interest + Information + Knowledge + Actions = Results. (Learning New Skills)
7) Interest + Information + Knowledge + Actions + Results = Achievements. (Learnt New Skills)

Interest and Desire should always lead to Achievements. If somebody is at any of the above stages, that means the person is working towards the Achievements. If stuck up somewhere between Interest & Achievements, then the Problem lies with the person’s Thinking, Attitude and Efforts. If the person does not have any Interest, then naturally he or she is not interested in Achievements.

Where do you want to STAND in the above Seven Steps of Success? Just Interest….or Just Information… or Just Knowledge…..or Just Postpone …..or Learn by Joining (Actions)….or Results (Get Benefits) …… or Achievements (Fulfilling the Interest).

When are you taking the Steps towards Achievements by joining our Courses. ACT NOW. Call +91 89047 93133.